A useful Video from GCN on How To Train For Ultra Endurance Cycling

A very informative video from the guys at GCN. Most of the advice given can be applied to help you training for The Wrong Way Back cycle event.

Training for Ultra Endurance Cycling isn’t all plain sailing. It requires time, effort and mental strength. We explain how to ride your way into a double century ride and beyond

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With plenty of long distance events/challenges on the calendar such as the Transcontinental, Paris-Brest-Paris, 24hr time-trials and audax events, it’s not as simple as just riding your bike. However, it doesn’t need to be a daunting experience, it’s all about fun and the achievement of doing it.
Ex-Professional Cyclists Matt Stephens and Tom Last explain “How To Train For Ultra Endurance Cycling” along with some words of advice from Bruce Berkeley who is a specialist in Long Distance Cycling.

We go through
– preparing for the event
– building up to the distance with your training
– resting
– nutrition
– mental strength
– equipment checks
– pacing the ride
and finally, doing the distance.

Let us know your tips for Ultra-Endurance Cycling in the comments below ?

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