It gives me great pleasure to show you a few moments from Season Two of The Col Collective to hopefully whet your appetite

This year we’ve been fortunate to explore some incredible mountains both in Europe and the USA with guest appearances from Cannondale-Garmin pro Dan Martin along with former pro’s Timmy Duggan and Craig Lewis.

When I watch this it’s crazy how less than two minutes can invoke such an emotion inside, it’s only when we started to put this video together that the pieces of the puzzle seemed to really make sense, the simplicity of cycling, the journey we can all share together or the freedom of the open road alone.

I’ll be honest, The Col Collective has been part of me for a very long time, a dream that started two decades ago when I experienced the serenity of the mountains for the very first time. Sometimes when I’m in the moment I don’t always realise the extent of what I’m doing, such is the fast pace of life – get the job done and move on to the next. It’s only when I take a moment to reflect on the season gone that I realise how this dream has evolved into a reality and that if you have a true passion, desire or calling to do something then anything is possible, you are in control of your life more than you may think.

Cycling has been a saviour for me, something to focus my energy on in a positive way when at times the world around me has felt dark. It’s only when I look back I truly realise that this is what I live for, this is my life, and I’m so grateful to be able to share a small part of it with you all.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, especially to Mavic and Cannondale, who believed in me from the beginning and continue to do so. Without your support The Col Collective may still be just a dream.

And finally, thank you to everyone reading this now. Ultimately you are who these videos are for.

I hope you enjoy Season Two as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing it together.

Peace on the road.

Mike Cotty

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