TWWB COVID19 Testing and Risk Assessment.

Due to the nature of the TWWB, COVID19 is a medium to low-risk event. But we still need to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure all support crew and riders stick to COVID19 protocols put in place by the Government and TWWB.

Run up to and during TWWB

A compulsory lateral flow test for everyone taking part in TWWB to start 14 days prior to the event, tests to be taken on the dates laid out below, starting on July 31st. All test results will need to be uploaded by the form link (form link will be supplied later).

During the event everyone will have to take 3 compulsory tests, one on the Saturday morning before arrival at the event, Wednesday during the event and on Saturday morning before we leave Weymouth.

Everyone taking part in TWWB must have the following on hand at all times during the event.

  • Facemask
  • Hand sanitiser

The reason for this is IF anyone tests positive during the event the event will have to be cancelled.

During the event everyone will need to follow the current COVID19 government and TWWB rules.

Lateral Flow Tests to be taken on the following dates below,

In the run up to TWWB

  • Saturday 31st July
  • Monday 2nd August
  • Wednesday 4th August
  • Friday 6th August
  • Sunday 8th August
  • Tuesday 10th August
  • Thursday 12th August

During TWWB

  • Saturday 14th August
  • Wednesday 18th August
  • Saturday 21st August

No test results, no taking part in TWWB!

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