Hopefully below you will find out answers to any questions you have about taking part in TWWB.”

If you cannot find a answer to a question please contact us and we will do our best to answer your question fully.

We will add more FAQ’s as we are asked them so please check back.


How much will it cost?
Cost per rider is £150 for 8 days. (£18.75 per day)

We have unfortunately had to raise the price of the event, but still, think this is outstanding value for money.

What is included in my entry fee?

Entry fee includes.

  • TWWB Team Jersey
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Day Food
  • Support Vehicle

Do I need to bring extra cash?
Yes – we advise you to bring some extra cash just in case you get the munchies extra.


How much will I need to raise?
We ask all riders to raise a minimum of £300

Most riders surpass this figure fairly easily so please don’t be put of by the amount.

How can people donate?
The best way for people to donate to our chosen charity is by our JustGiving Team page.

Your will need to join our Team on JustGiving and once you have created your page you can start raising money.

We do have a sponsor form for you to collect cash donations as well.

Mobile Text Donations?
Once you have created your JustGiving page you will be able to create a unique text number and code.

This will allow anyone who wishes to sponsor you to do so via a simple text.

All text donations will show up on your JustGiving page and in the Team page total raised figure.


Will I need to Train?
In a word yes!

Even if you have a good fitness level we still advise you to train.

Please remember The Wrong Way Back is a tough physical and mentally taxing challenge and will not suit everyone.

How much training is involved?
This is an open ended question but it all boils down to your current fitness level and bike fitness.

For TWWB you will need to ride at an average speed of 16 mph comfortably and ride 65 miles with few stops.

You will also need to be able to tackle the steepest of hills.

Do you supply a training plan
Due to every rider being at different fitness levels and bike fit levels we do not supply training plans for individual riders.

But we do offer a few words of wisdom along with a suggested training plan on the Training for TWWB page.

You will also find plenty of information on British Cycling’s website regarding sportive training.

Training Rides

When are training rides?
Training rides will be held on the second Sunday of each month from March 2016.
Please join on Strava to see all planned rides.


Will I need to attend all Training Rides?
No, we don’t ask you to attend all training rides.
But the more training rides you take part in the better we will all ride together on TWWB.

The only training ride you will need to attend will be set a month before for TWWB and will be around 100 miles.


What sort of bike do I need?

You will need a road bike or racer with suitable gearing so you do not struggle on hills.

We do not advise using a Tri-bike due to the high gearing.

Please do not turn up on a BMX or Mountain bike.

Will I need a brand new bike?
No, you do not need the latest model all singing and dancing bike.

The only thing we ask you to do is make sure your bike is in a serviceable condition and insured. The 8 days will be tough on your bike as well as yourself.

Do I need to bring any spares for my bike?
No. The Wrong Way Back will supply a full spares kit on the support vehicles.

This will include

  • spare inner tube
  • spare tyres
  • loan wheels
  • chains
  • gear cables
  • brake cables


Where are we sleeping?
Be prepared to sleep in a tent. Due to various factors, we will sleep in tents on some nights but we do our utmost to book accommodation under a roof.

What sort of Accommodation will we be staying in?
We tend to sleep in various places from campsites to lodges to hotels, but we do not guarantee this will be the case. Everything depends on rider numbers and costs.

When will I find out where we are sleeping?
We will release details of sleeping arrangements 1 month before the event.

Details will be announced at the final rider meeting and via email.